Youngevity’s Be the Change Foundation – My Story Matters

We have researched the largest direct selling companies and the largest Coffee Companies and learned that there are countless ways to implement a charitable giving campaign. It can be donation focused, product focused or people taking action focused. However, we wanted a program that existed on its own, without loss to shareholder value and without penalizing distributor incomes. The key to a successful program is developing a cause campaign that inspires people to ACT.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Youngevity is an organization of volunteers who help disadvantaged children and young people in various charitable ways.
  • Youngevity periodically organizes special events called “Be the Change” where they offer workshops and special help and advice, and they have just had one in Salt Lake City.
  • Youngevity takes photos and records the stories of attendees during “Be the Change” events, and is so successful at motivating young people that many have come again and again

“Our volunteer distributors made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and their families during this service event.”

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