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Vitamin C is being studied in a new light as to its role in helping eliminate cancer from the body. With new findings that vitamin C converts into hydrogen peroxide in the body, this effect is being looked at to strongly suggest that cancer cells may be killed more efficiently by the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the cell, since cancer cells have difficulty removing hydrogen peroxide. While more attention and study needs to be given to this, this finding is a new and potentially exciting addition to more natural ways to help people heal from cancer.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Cancer researchers have homed in on how high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells. Vitamin C breaks down to generate hydrogen peroxide, which can damage tissue and DNA.
  • The new study shows that tumor cells with low levels of catalase enzyme activity are much less capable of removing hydrogen peroxide than normal cells, and are more susceptible to damage and death when they are exposed to high doses of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C has a patchy history as a cancer therapy, but researchers at the University of Iowa believe that is because it has often been used in a way that guarantees failure.

“Earlier phase 1 trials indicated this treatment is safe and well-tolerated and hinted that the therapy improves patient outcomes. The current, larger trials aim to determine if the treatment improves survival.”


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