Type 1 diabetes linked to gut inflammation, bacteria changes

People with type I diabetes have inflammation in their digestive tract and there is bacteria in the gut not found in people without Type I diabetes. Type I diabetes usually occurs in young people when their immune system attacks the pancreas, decreasing Insulin production. The study was performed by retrieving samples using endoscopy techniques. Researchers are exploring wether the bacteria and inflammation is there because of the diabetes or if it is caused by the diabetes. The hope is to use this research to come up with new ways to treat the disease.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body produces little to no insulin.
  • “Some researchers have theorized that the gut may contribute to the development of Type 1 diabetes, so it is important to understand how the disease affects the digestive system and microbiome.”
  • Individuals with Type 1 diabetes showed significantly more signs of inflammation of the gut’s mucous membrane linked to 10 specific genes than the participants who had celiac disease and control healthy subjects.

“Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body produces little to no insulin.”

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