The Genetics of Obesity: Are You Destined to Be Fat?

A scientific study back in 1990, involved twelve pairs of adult males that were identical twins that had identical genes. The study determined their base metabolic rate and calorie needs. They then overfed them by one thousand calories per day, six days a week for twelve weeks. The mean weight gain for them was 8.1 kg, ranging between 4.3 to 13.3 kg overall across the board for them.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Genomic factors have a great deal to say about our individual disposition to obesity and our body type.
  • Insulin resistance and hypothalamus activity can play a large part in whether individuals become obese.
  • The body’s energy expenditure, as determined by the basal metabolic rate and the body’s circadian rhythms is also key in determining weight gains.

“If we can identify the environmental triggers and selective pressures under which the human genome developed, we’ll have a great road map for engineering our optimal lifestyle.”

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