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Nowadays, access to fresh, drinking water comes at a cost. Many individuals rely on a water delivery service or bottled water as their drinking water source. Y-DR8+ is Youngevity’s custom hydration solution to improving the quality of your municipal drinking water, saving you money and help save the environment from single serve water bottles. Our new, proprietary custom hydration system allows you to filter municipal drinking water, giving you better-tasting drinking water while also reducing the following chemicals: chlorine, herbicides and pesticides from municipal water sources.

Y-DR8+ is convenient, environmentally-friendly, and healthy!
The filter is rated for two weeks or approximately 20 gallons. Usage is based on hydration with 3 Y-DR8+ bottles a day for 14 days.*
-Saves up to $98/month on bottled water and up to 90 single serve bottles a month from entering our landfills and oceans. BPA Free. Phthalate Free. Reusable. Recyclable
Helps to filter and improve taste of municipal water by reducing chlorine. Filter helps reduce herbicides and pesticides commonly found in municipal drinking water.
Remove filter to use bottle with Youngevity powder products. Great business opportunity; bottled water is a billion dollar market
The Filter provides portable point of use filtration, so keeping the Y-DR8 bottle System with you at all times will gives you access to inexpensive, great tasting, filtered municipal water wherever you go. Keep additional bottles at work and in your car so that you will always have access to better tasting, filtered municipal water. There is no need to waste money on bottled water again!
Filter is designed to meet NSF 42 International standards for chlorine, taste and odor reduction. Filter has been tested per EPA drinking water quality standards.
Filter designed for municipal tap water only. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.
*Includes 1 filter. Additional filters sold separately.

Expended Filters are recyclable, the filter can be recycled through most local community recycling programs, further reducing any carbon footprint.

The Bottle is designed for multiple uses. A single Bottle could replace up to 300 water bottles thrown into landfills.

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