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TrueCleanse is a powerful proprietary blend of ingredients alkaline cleaning and a powerful blend of antioxidants, all in one package! It is much more than a detox supplement because it also flushes your body with antioxidants. When cleaning is also important to nourish the body, otherwise our body will absorb many of the toxins that are trying to liberate.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 strawpack in 16 to 24 oz of water and sip over a period of one or four hours. If not taken as part of the True2Life systems, you can mix 1/3 strawpack with 8 ounces of water and enjoy every day to gently remove impurities from your body.

WARNING: Consult your doctor before using this product while nursing or pregnant.

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin B-3, vitamin B-12, B-6, apple fiber, vitamin Fibersol 2, inositol, Yellowdock root, Alfalfa leaf powder, mint leaf, root Eleutherococcus senticosus, Pau d’Arco inner bark , Suma root, Aloe Vera Leaf gel, Betaine HCI, bitartrate Hill, cranberry, green bean extract coffee powder, raspberry, strawberry powder, burdock root, mix TrueZyme enzyme extract, licorice root, aroma mixed berry natural, Acerola berry extract, beet powder, guarana extract, Tri -CALCIUM phosphate powder, papaya seed extract, Ashwagandha root, bilberry extract, fennel seeds, L-methionine, natural flavor Mango extract green tea, Stevia, blueberry fruit, grape seed extract, extract of Granada.