Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0

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If you start to have a body and a healthy life, this is the kit for you!

These supplements have been specially selected for its excellent nutrient content, quality and efficiency. The combined nutrients in this package act synergistically to provide the body with 90 essential nutrients. It is ideal for those who want a strong health care system and general welfare. – See more at:

Citrus fusion Beyond Tangy Tangerine peaches 2.0

The multivitamin most advanced available today. It contains powerful nutrients, synergists cofactors and a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that promote intestinal absorption maximum. 480 g (30 servings) – See more at:
Each package provides broad spectrum of basic nutrition and includes:

Ultimate EFA Plus

Several scientific tests have documented the benefits of essential fatty acids, including heart health and improvements in cognition and vision. This balanced formula includes fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. 90 capsules (90 servings) – See more at: .dpuf

Beyond Osteo-fx

Restore the health of bones and joints with a powerful formula antioxidamente created to eliminate free radicals and treat nutritional deficiencies that cause inflammation. 357 g (30 servings)


* BTT Peach Citrus Fusion 2.0 – 480 g container (1)

* Ultimate EFA ™ PLUS ™ – 90 gelcaps (1)

* Osteo-fx and Beyond ™ powder – container of 375 g (1)


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