Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak™ – Original

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Este paquete está especialmente formulado para apoyar y promover los huesos y articulaciones saludables. Cada paquete proporciona amplio espectro de nutrición fundamental e incluye Beyond Tangy Tangerine ® – envase de 420 g (1) EFA PLUS ™ – 90 cápsulas de gel (1) Beyond Osteo-fx ™ -. 32 oz (1) Gluco-Gel 240 capsulas (1) y Ultimate CM Cream (1).* Vea los productos individuales para más información.

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Lack of movement considerably reduces the quality of life. Improve the health of cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones with all available nutrients that most researched clinically.

This package is all you need if you want to maintain and promote healthy bones and joints in the body!

Each package contains a broad spectrum of fundamental and necessary for a long and healthy life nutrition and includes:

* Beyond Tangy Tangerine – pack of 420 g (1)

* EFA PLUS  – 90 gelcaps (1)

* Beyond Osteo-fx  -. 32 oz (1)

* Gluco-Gel 240 capsules (1)

* CM and Ultimate Cream (1)

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