Bio-Lumin Nightly Essense – 62 capsules

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Nightly Essense utiliza una mezcla de las más reciente enzimas sistémicas de vanguardia junto con un panel completo de 14 cepas diferentes de bacterias probióticas

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Skin look better? A healthy digestive system?

Now these benefits are possible and through the use of specific enzymes! Nightly Essense contains keywords that have shown support a wide range of systems and promote cardiovascular, immune and digestive enzymes health.

• Production of specifically vitamin B2, B5, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin and niacin.

• Reduced lactose intolerance by the enzyme lactase.

• Lower cholesterol levels.

• defense against food poisoning.

• Inhibition of Candida, yeasts and other forms of fungus.

• Healthy look and feel of the skin.

• Better absorption of food because the enzymes they produce.

• paristalsis Increase (contraction wave that carries food through the colon).

• normalizes bowel movements.

• Increased immunity through the secretion of acids and natural antibiotics.

• To help maintain good hormonal balance.

Includes 62 capsules!


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