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It’s common among overachiever types: we like to push ourselves. Sometimes it’s to get from A to B. Sometimes it’s to create the illusion of change when really, you’re just spinning your wheels. Sometimes it’s simply to avoid standing still and accepting the moment as is. If you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, or even digitally exhausted, these tips may help.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Last week I gave a list of the nutrients required by the major organs and systems of the body for maximum benefit and improved function, together with a few of the healthy habits we need to cultivate.
  • This week I will tell you which foods you should try to include in your diet regularly to ensure a consistent supply.
  • We lose around 10 cups of water in an average day, so we must ensure that it is replaced. Next time you have a headache, are constipated or tired, drink lots of water.

“Calcium – healthy blood pressure, bones and joints: Dairy, soy milk, tofu, mackerel and salmon; cauliflower, most leafy greens, peas, beans and carrots; raisins, figs, rhubarb and oranges.”


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