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Fresh-picked green beans aren’t just more delicious than frozen and canned varieties, they’re also, by and large, more nutritious. But, if the season’s wrong for getting yours right off the vine, don’t despair. While processing invariably decreases some of the percentage of nutrient-content, a fairly acceptable retention rate of many vitamins is often achieved, including up to ninety percent of B6 and B2 in frozen green beans that are cooked and served.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Fresh green beans taste best and are best, nutrition-wise.
  • Access to fresh green beans is not always feasible.
  • Frozen and canned varieties make an acceptable substitute for fresh green beans, as they retain a significant amount of the nutritive value.

“When first frozen and then cooked, retention of some B vitamins in green beans (like vitamins B6 and B2) can be as high as 90%.”


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