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Raising children can be a very difficult time in an adult’s life. However, a great deal of comfort can be obtained from the laughter created by everyday life. There are many dangers out there for children, however, the modern media has made parents more socially aware of the dangers that exist. The best way to get through these difficult times is laughter and spending quality time with your children.

    Key Takeaways:

  • She went on to describe the hours she’d just spent researching children’s vitamins online in hopes of purchasing the best available on the market.
  • This isn’t new information, nor is most of the advice thrown around these days. There’s a good deal of health information now that wasn’t available a generation ago, or even more recently than that.
  • I appreciate that we have warnings about chemicals and exposure that our parents and grandparents didn’t know about.

“Dorothy Schneider and Brian Wallheimer have their hands full with three young children: two daughters and a son. They tell stories about the kids, but also the challenges of building and maintaining their own relationship through all life’s challenges.”


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