From the kitchen: Tips for Preparing Cucumbers

People often wonder if it is safe to eat the skin and seeds of a cucumber. It turns out that it all depends on whether or not the cucumbers have been waxed. While organically grown cucumbers with wax coatings are safe to eat, non organically grown cucumbers with waxed coating are not ok to eat. If the skin of the cucumber has not been waxed at all then they are relatively safe to eat.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Both cucumber skin and seeds are rich in nutrients.
  • Recommends removing the skin from conventionally grown cucumbers as they may have been coated with a synthetic wax.
  • Any wax applied to organic cucumbers has to be non-synthetic, so skin removal can be more of a personal preference, but before consuming, do give them a good scrub first.

“The seeds can easily be removed from a cucumber if it’s cut lengthwise and the tip of a spoon is used to gently scoop out the seeds.”

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