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Youngevity is a nutraceutical company that promotes good health and well being through vitamins, minerals, sports drinks, skin care, diet supplements, oils, lotions, and pet products to name just a few of over 2,000 products. Our products are unsurpassed in quality and have enhanced the health and quality of life to many of our customers. In many cases actually reducing the need to treat diseases.

Our bodies perform a variety of biochemical tasks every hour: pumping blood, breathing, building and repairing tissue, and maintaining the immune system. Each task requires the execution of a specific set of chemical events. If every chemical reaction and transfer is to occur successfully, it is necessary to provide the body with the raw materials required. The human body needs 90 essential nutrients in order to function optimally; 60 of these essential nutrients are trace minerals, 16 are vitamins, 12 are amino acids, and 3 are essential fatty acids. Although plants can make vitamins and amino acids for us, the animals and plants we eat must get their trace minerals from the soil. Unfortunately, minerals do not occur uniformly throughout the earth’s crust, and intensive agriculture has depleted our soils. Therefore supplementation is vital if we are to retain health and longevity throughout our lives.

A plant cannot manufacture minerals. A plant draws minerals from the soil through its root system and delivers it to us in a colloidal, organically bound form. ‘Colloidal’ is an even suspension of microscopic particles with a diameter of 1 to 100 nanometer in a dispersing substance (such as water). Therefore, minerals, which are essential, inorganic elements, are present in plants in colloidal form. Plants take indispensable inorganic substances and convert them to biologically absorbable form. Our bodies need these trace minerals in order to function properly.

Unfortunately, due in part to intensive agriculture over the past 100 years, the mineral content of our range and crop soils is at an all time low. It was discovered over 200 years ago that plants (crops) will grow using only 3 essential minerals: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Most of the fertilizers used today are of this variety, called NPK fertilizers. Unfortunately for humans, while plants do OK with only 3 minerals, we need 60! After about five to seven years of harvesting crop after crop from the same field most of the minerals, especially the trace minerals and rare earths, are virtually ‘strip mined’ from the soil.

The depletion of our soils translates into a lack of minerals in our diets and also may well diminish the plants own ability to manufacture other nutrients we need. Besides poor soils, highly processed foods also contribute to malnourishment. These foods are very convenient, but have been manipulated to achieve a certain look or taste for ease of preparation, not health and nutrition! My sister-in-law is head of the Traumatic Incident Association and conducts seminars for people all over the world. When people form other countries come here, almost every one of them complains about how tasteless is the food in the United States. It is almost impossible for us to get all 90 essential nutrients from our diet, therefore, it is essential to supplement our food.

For the simple reason that although the body needs at least 60 mineral cofactors to ensure proper bio-chemical operation, if you tried to get these minerals directly from inorganic sources like soils or sea beds or rocks, they would accumulate in soft body tissues, and harm you.

Most of these minerals you only need a very tiny amount of, which is why they are called trace minerals. Organic colloidal minerals are manufactured by plants, natures magicians, which take inorganic substances and transform them into biologically absorbable nutrients. These colloidal minerals come to us in tiny quantities or ‘trace’ amounts and in a from the body can recognize and use. True organic colloidal minerals are negatively charged.

Negatively charged particles do not collect as readily in fat or liver tissue as do positively charged or metallic minerals. When we get our minerals from plants, therefore, there is little danger of toxicity.

Dr. Wallach’s Majestic Earth minerals come from 100% plant minerals which are mined from humic shale in Emery County, Utah. 70 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed an earth where there were probably 84 minerals in the soil. A time when plants and fruits likely contained at least 77 minerals which became water soluble as they transmuted through the roots system to become part of a luscious, succulent, vibrant, life-sustaining food.

Plant derived minerals have been encapsulated in the earth since that time. Many companies use this mine for their liquid mineral products, but Dr. Wallach has surveyed the area and bought the areas which show the highest concentrations and highest quality.

Doctor Wallach’s company have exclusive rights to the Rockland Mine Minerals. The Rockland mine contains pure organic plant derived minerals that come from a vein of humic shale, which is prehistoric plant life. The minerals are as easy to absorb as the minerals in any vegetable.

The Rockland Mine is located in Emery County, Utah, along with other mines that form a complex, but not all of these mines are the same. The Rockland Mine vein of humic shale is on average, 70 feet deep. The TJ Clark Mine vein, for example, is on average 3 1/2 feet deep. In order to get a full spectrum draw of minerals, there must be at least 7-foot vertical draw of the humic shale.

Obviously, you can’t pull a complete spectrum of minerals with a 3 1/2 foot vein. Many other liquid mineral products use a blend of minerals pulled from other sources to complete their full spectrum. But are these additional minerals also plant derived? That is the question a smart consumer must ask. Some companies use elemental or ionic minerals, which may not be as safe or absorbable.

Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, who is on Youngevity’s Scientific Board of Advisors, writes “AL Global’s plant mineral-derived extracts were adjusted so that one ounce provides approximately the RDI of iron. The extracts have a natural acidic taste and astringent action, which is perceived as beneficial and tonicizing. At higher strengths, such extracts may cause intestinal irritation in sensitive people. The strength of AL Global’s plant mineral extracts was evidently chosen so as to provide maximum benefit and to minimize potential adverse effects. For best results, the minerals should be taken with juice at the recommended dosage.” Dr. Schrauzer is one of the worlds foremost mineral and trace element experts.

The company conducts tours of the Rockland mine on average twice each year, so the operation is completely transparent. When you sign up on the Associate Application or the Customer Application, you receive a laboratory assay showing the precise mineral content of each quart bottle of Majestic Earth minerals, along with a precise statement of total volume by weight of plant derived minerals in each bottle (19,000 mg). If you buy other liquid mineral products, try looking on the bottle for the actual mineral content. You probably won’t find it listed! Moreover, an independent lab regularly analyzes majestic Earth Minerals, and the report is published for all to see.

“How does Dr. Wallach extract the minerals from the humic shale?” you might ask. Well, it’s very complex and I’ll just summarize the procedure. If you want to verify the truth of it, you can go on a tour of the mine, or write or phone the company for details. Basically, the plant matter is placed in huge vats of purified water and the minerals are allowed to leach out gently and naturally for about three to four weeks. All aspects of this process are overseen by Richard Renton, chief quality control officer. The mix is filtered and re-filtered through one of the most sophisticated (and patented) filtering systems in the industry, ensuring that the Majestic Earth minerals contain no contaminants. It would take pages of text to describe all the quality control measures that govern the production of Majestic Earth Minerals. If you would like a detailed account, contact the company, who will be happy to provide them for you.

It is recommended that the liquid products be refrigerated after opening to ensure and prolong freshness and potency, however it is ok to travel with the products unrefrigerated as long as they aren’t stored in a warm or hot environment.

These products are made from naturally sourced ingredients, generally there are no side effects. As with any nutritional program though, we recommend you consult your health professional.

Click on either the Customer or Associate Application link below and enter all of your information. If signing up as an Associate, you will be asked for your credit card information, to cover the price of your information kit ($25) which will be mailed to you, and also for your social security or Federal ID. This is for tax filing purposes on your income received.

Customer sign-ups will not have to list a social or tax ID. The cost for Customers to sign-up is $0. We recommend that you become an associate so you can collect future revenues from your orders.

Very important: you will see a box come up asking if you would like to have your informational kit set up on auto ship. Click “NO” on that field. We will explain the auto ship program to you later.

Yes – Youngevity offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Must have a order number (Customer Service can help you) minus any shipping costs. It does not matter if your customer used all of the products and then wanted to return them.

It usually takes 3 – 5 business days for your product to arrive. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number.

The prices on this site are already listed at wholesale price. This is because when you purchase product on this site you will be setting up either a free Preferred Customer account, or an Associate Account.

Like water and air, nutrition is required by our bodies according to our weight. A bigger person requires more nutrients than a smaller person. A Healthy Body Start Pak is a one month supply for 100 lbs of body weight (give or take 10 or 20 lbs). As budgets are a concern, it is better to get started with what you can afford and increase later when you can. For optimal results, however, you’ll want to eventually take enough for your body weight.

As you may expect, this is a very difficult question to answer with any degree of accuracy. Everyone’s body is different, with varying stages of trace mineral deficiencies. Even so, it is not uncommon for first-time users to notice benefits with the first bottle. One of the first things people often report is an increase of energy, and many people experience a greater number of benefits as time goes on. We recommend filling out a health diary and tracking your results over time.

Even if you were to take 10 X’s the recommended amount, the only side effect would probably be diarrhea for a day or two. The body will absorb what it needs and eliminate the rest.

Youngevity products are hypoallergenic and contain no wheat, soy, corn or artificial ingredients. On occasion certain people may be allergic to one or more nutrients or herbs contained in a formula. Further, if you are not accustomed to taking full spectrum dietary supplements and have a history of sensitivities, you might wish to begin with the products slowly, building up to the recommended level over a period of time.

No. This is one of the benefits of taking a natural product. All of the minerals in our liquid organic bio-electrical trace element products are in a natural organic form that may be used by the body without risk of building up to potentially toxic levels. Minerals such as aluminum, arsenic, lead and so forth in the natural organic form are not only beneficial to the body but actually help the body to remove potentially harmful heavy forms of these elements.

Some products listed on this website may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Youngevity recently added a standard language disclosure required by the State of California. CA, under Prop. 65, requires products that may have substances that are known to cause cancer and/or birth defects be labeled with a warning. While Youngevity continually tests our products for any traces of any harmful substances, and Youngevity has always stayed well below the Federal Government’s (the FDA’s) limits in these areas, very small levels naturally occur in life. Therefore, Youngevity will continue to be diligent in producing, testing and marketing the safest products. We completely support our products and the good that they do for our bodies. And, yes, we will comply with the same disclosure requirement that almost all companies in CA have to deal with. For example, in CA this warning is displayed EVERYWHERE – every restaurant, every grocery store in the produce section, every market and water vending machine carries the warning – just to name a few places!

Senate Document 264 is the document issued in 1936 that states that all of the soils in the United States are depleted of minerals. Click here to see the contents of the Senate Document #264.

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