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Science has always been on the forefront of evolution and this impact of fatty livers being developed through chemical means is huge. This blog goes into intense detail about how important this development of this new technology, these mice will never be the same again. This blog was very interesting to read in the long run.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Mice with a strong tendency to obesity already exhibit epigenetic changes at six weeks of age, inducing the liver to amplify its production of the enzyme DPP4 and release it into the circulation.
  • As further analyses of the scientists have shown, the DPP4 gene in human liver is regulated by epigenetic changes just as in mice. In tissue samples from patients with severe fatty liver disease, the gene was less methylated.
  • n further studies, we should investigate how and at what point DPP4 inhibitors can be used in diabetes therapy to prevent the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

“Taken together, our results indicate that the epigenetic changes of the DPP4 gene associated with obesity have a negative effect on the liver metabolism already in young people, long before a fatty liver develops.”


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