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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is very prevalent worldwide, especially so in industrialized nations. Catching it early can help prevent more serious diseases of the liver as well as many other dangerous health conditions. Many of the advanced technologies available to help accurately diagnose fatty liver disease early are not cost effective. Researchers have developed a new index to help aid in early diagnosis.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has become a global epidemic. There is not only a great interest worldwide to understand the causes and consequences of fatty liver disease, but also to diagnose fatty liver disease at an early stage.
  • Approximately every third adult in the industrialized countries has a morbidly fatty liver.
  • For these people, this not only increases the risk of advanced liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, but also, in particular type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has become a global epidemic.”


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