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A convention will take place this year and will be held in Dallas, Texas. There will be live music and also guest speakers. Connie Podesta will be one such speaker. The live music will include the Emerald City Band. Marilu Henner will be another speaker. There is a lot of excitement for this event.

    Key Takeaways:

  • This is for the LEAD 2017 Youngevity convention will be in Dallas where there are a lot of tourists sites to visit.
  • This is supposed to be inspiring and that people who are attending should prepare to have fun, there are a lot of guest speakers there that the people who are attending the convention will be happy to see.
  • Youngevity is a distributor for a product that is is for health and is a health company, it is a pyramid sales company and is an opportunity to make money.

“Live music & entertainment including Emerald City Band.”


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