2016 Healthy Body Challenge Winner – Barbara Main

True health and wellness is only possible if it radiates from a solid, fundamentally-sound center. There is a core group of 90 essential nutrients that has the greatest positive effect in bringing vibrant health to the human body’s complex and multi-dimensional systems. Youngevity has developed a convenient nutrition plan that will give your body all the nutrients it needs to bring about a total health transformation in just 90 days. To accept the challenge, simply take the products in the Healthy Body Start Pak. In just a few short weeks you will begin noticing and enjoying life-changing benefits.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Even though the main selling point was the change of body type in the woman’s diet from Youngevity, it doesn’t thoroughly explain why this is a better product than those used normally.
  • I must object to the title of the video as it is called “2016 Healthy Body Challenge Winner – Barbara Main.” The fact you represent this as a challenge is not on par with the product’s audience. You make it sound more like it’s a dare than it is a must.
  • The products in the “Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak 2.0” look really un-reliable from the looks of the design, almost as they were obtained from a second-hand shop.

“To date I’ve lost 50 pounds with Youngevity.”

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